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Makila. Short Documentary Movie.

This short documentary movie about the handicraft process of the makila has been made by the Mint studio in collaboration with Alberdi Makila. A graphic report of documentary style and poetic, which tells the magic behind the process of handcrafting a makila. He has been presented at several documentary film competitions for his delicacy and exquisite realization.

How to mark medlar wood for Makilas walking sticks

In this video you can appreciate how the artisan carves markings into the most suitable branches of the tree during the spring. Over time, the tree branches form scars as the cuts heal. Months later, in the winter, the artisan will collect the marked branches.

Once branches are in the workshop, they are heated in an oven and stripped of their bark. The drying process of the wood takes normally around 6-10 years. During this period, the branches are straightened several times before they become Makilas.

The use of marked medlar wood is the primary characteristic of the traditional Basque walking stick or Makila. It is not found in walking sticks of any other culture. The marking is done every year, but the results vary due to our dependence on Mother Nature.

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