Order your personalized Makila. Ready in 40/60 days.

Manufacturing time.

40/60 days
Sometimes we have available makilas in stock, please consult.

  Choose your wood.

Possibility to choose your own medlar wood in our workshop.
Customize your makila stick: choose between thin, medium, large, light or dark wood.

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The makila is an artisan object, custumized for each client, please fill out this form to place your order (weight and height of the person who will use the makila) We will go back to you as soon as possible.


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    Inscription is made on the top-sleeve. Maximum letters: 38. If more needed, please consult.

    Clients testimonials

    Dear Beñat, the makila arrived yesterday and it’s just beautiful! Tom is thrilled with it–he really couldn’t be happier. Thank-you so much! Best wishes!

    JENNIFER, New Jersey, USA

    Beñat, I received my makila today. I would like to thank you for such a beautiful item. It will be the center piece of my small collection of walking sticks. Thanks again for the wonderful and master craftsmanship piece that I now own. Best Regards.

    MIKE, Florida, USA

    I have just received the makila and I absolutely love it!!!! You did a wonderful job and I am very proud of it! Thank you for your attention to detail and for a quality product!!

    REBECCA, Tennessee, USA

    The magnificent Makila arrived and I am so impressed with the workmanship. I will treasure it, display it proudly and it will be a wonderful heritage representation of our Basque Culture. Thank you

    MARK, New Mexico, USA

    Dear Mr. Alberdi Just received the Makila this morning. Thank you very much for the excellent service. I must compliment you about the craftsmanship, the quality of your work is splendid and deserves universal recognition. Be assured that I will contact you in the future. All the very best

    FELIX, England

    Dear Mr Alberdi, I’m very happy to confirm the makila’s arrival. It looks like an object of excellent workmanship and really cared for detail. Thanking you for your accomplishments, I extend my most cordial greetings and assure you of the maximum publicity.

    VITTORIO, Italy

    Hi Benat! I just received my Makila today and as you see it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much. It is a truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

    RON, Canada

    Dear Beñat, Today I received my Makila. Thank you very much, it is in great condition and wonderfully crafted! I will carry it with pride and in honour of the great people of Basque Country and Basque Culture! I will definitely order again in the future! Thank you very much again, also for the great correspondance. Best Wishes!

    ANDREAS, Austria

    Dear Mr. Alberdi, Today I received the Makila. I feel proud and honoured to be the owner of one now. Thank you for your swift and professional handling of my request. All the best to you from

    ERNST, The Netherlands

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I have received your Makila. I would like to thank you and wish you continued good business and, above all, health. Kind Regards

    WOLFGANG, Germany

    Sir! Just to inform you, I have received my Makila today and I would like to thank you for this beautiful thing. Regards

    NIELS, Denmark

    Dear Beñat, Eskerrik asko! I received the makila today. I love the workmanship and the appearance. I will be proud to use it and am glad I have such a symbolic part of Euskal Herria. My father’s family originated in Araba and he was proud of our basque heritage. I have wanted to own a makila for years and now finally have one. Thank you for the makila and for continuing the tradition.

    LUIS, Hong Kong